A Systematic Review of Methodologies in the Domain of Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance
Humyra Dawood* and Irfan Butt**
Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan *
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada**

Abstract: This paper reviews the literature on human resource management and its impact on organization performance. It traces evolution of research methodologies across geographical regions and timeframe. A total of 187 articles have been examined using systematic literature review. The paper analyses developments in research design choices such as data collection method, sample size, respondent type, unit of analysis, time horizon, statistical techniques, country of data collection, reliability and validity, etc. The results suggest that the field is characterized by empirical quantitative studies and triangulation is seen mainly in statistical analysis. The interest of North American researchers has declined whereas Asia has displayed considerable enthusiasm in recent years. The collaborations between regions are few and there are synergies to be explored in joint studies. The study concludes that research methodologies in the field are too narrow and it is an important concern if progress is to be made in the development of research. It acknowledges that a wider perspective in terms of research design is needed to achieve further advancement in the field. It is suggested that future researchers, especially in North America, amalgamate methodological rigor with a qualitative approach.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Performance, Review, Research Methodologies.



Humyra Dawood and Irfan Butt
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