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Editorial Board - Journal Mbacademy

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief Dr Alireza Nazarian ,University of Roehampton, U.K
University of Roehampton | London | SW15 5PU
Email: alireza.nazarian@roehampton.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 20 8392 5752

Associate Editors

Dr Javad Mahmoudi Khorasani , Brunel University, U.K

Regional Editor
Asia Pacific
Dr Chengbo Wang , Edge Hill University, UK
Middle East
Dr. Pantea Foroudi , Middlesex University, UK
Central Europe
Dr David Fuschi, University of West London, London
North Africa
Dr. Hany Elbardan, Alxandria University, Egypt

Editorial Board

Prof. Anthony Olden, University of West London, UK
Dr. Hany Elbardan , Alxandria University, Egypt
Dr. David Fuschi , Badr University, Egypt
Dr. Peter Atkinson , Brunel University in London, UK
Dr. Stephen Smith, Brunel University in London, UK
Dr Jessie Qun Ren , University of Southampton Solent, UK
Dr. Ioannis Gkliatis , University of West London, UK
Mr. Yehia Nawar , University of West London, UK
Dr. Loukas N. Anninos , University of Piraeus, Greece
Prof. Paulo Ramos , University Lusíada Norte, Portugal
Dr Claire GARCIA , PSB Paris School of Business, France
Dr. Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri , Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Dr Javad Izadi , University of Sussex, UK
Dr Seyedeh A H Tabaghdehi , Brunel University in London, UK
Dr Javad Mahmoudi Khorasani, Brunel University, UK

Reviewer list

Mr. Behrouz Behzadan , Brunel University, UK
Dr. Gohar Parvaiz , Institute of Management Sciences, Pakistan
Dr. Spros Catechis, Central Michigan University, USA
Dr. Alastair Evans , University of West London, UK
Mr. Chandra Bhasham , University of West London, UK
Dr. Sepideh Kaffash , Brunel University, UK
Dr Farhana Salman, Brunel University, UK
Dr Sankar Sivarajah, Brunel University, UK
Dr. Angelos Vouldis , Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland
Dr Navid Yasin, West London University, UK
Dr Karen Dennis,University of West London, UK
Dr Adeniyi Temitope Adetunji,Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Dr Mostafa E. Abo Elsoud,Suez Canal University, Egypt

Editor in Chief

Alireza Nazarian is a Senior lecturer in international and corss cultural management in the Business School at the University of Roehampton. He has a PhD in Management Studies from Brunel University in London, UK. He has published journal articles on the topics of national culture, organisational culture, organisational effectiveness and leadership.

Dr Nazarian has developed a wide range of research interests including business management, cross cultural studies and HRM. He is also interested in the application of a variety of research methodologies in different areas of research. His current research projects include using his mixed research background in business, international business and cultural studies to enhance different managerial functions within organisations locally and globally. He is concerned with looking at the behavioural, organisational, and managerial aspects of different management functions within various types of organizations.



Dr. Alireza Nazarian

Associate Editor

Javad Mahmoudi finished his PhD in Management Studies at Brunel University in London, UK. His doctoral thesis focuses on performance of international joint ventures in developing countries, in particular Middle Easter countries.

As well as developing a wide range of research interests which includes business management and international business, he has extensively developed research skills within wide range of research areas.  In addition, he has used various research approaches from quantitative and qualitative to mixed methods. Currently, his research interest is to use quantitative methods of analysis from research background in business and international business in order to develop his research for different countries to incorporated various communities across the world (i.e. developed countries with different cultural backgrounds)



Dr. Javad Mahmoudi Khorasani

Regional Editor

Dr Chengbo Wang had been working for nine years in industry, with an extensive experience of strategic management, organizational performance improvement, operations management, supply chain management, IT application, project management and the application research of academic theories into practical business operations.

After he joined the academic world, he keeps doing research and publishing papers in the aforementioned fields, besides other academic activities.

Dr Wang reviews papers for conferences and journals; he also serves as editorial review board member for International Journal of E-Adoption (IJEA) and International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology.

Dr Wang is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).  He served as Technical Committee member for International Conference and PhD assessment committee/panel member in international universities. Additional to cooperation networks in academia both in the UK and other countries, Dr Wang also has extensive links and collaboration with industries.



Dr Chengbo Wang

Editorial Board

Pantea Foroudi (PhD, Brunel Business School). She initially studied for her first MScdegree in Graphic Design, Azad University, Tehran, Iran and second MA degree in Marketing and Communication Management, University of The Arts London.

Pantea’s major research interest is in corporate identity, corporate visual identity/design, branding, communications, and marketing with a particular focus on corporate logo, corporate image and corporate reputation from a Multi-Disciplinary approach. Pantea has attended more than sixteen international marketing conferences since 2007.

Pantea has several years of experience of working in marketing, design, advertising and market research firms and has conducted research projects in UK and Iran. She is the first translator of Photoshop III software to Farsi in 1997 and published Persian HairpinsBook in 2001 in Persian language. She has designed numerous visual identity and branding for various organisations. Pantea has developed a mainstream interest in higher education marrying research and practice to help managers and decision makers to collaborate with designers in a mutual understanding of the concept to enrich the market.


Dr. Pantea Foroudi

Editorial Board

Hany Elbardan has a wide research interests range from Accounting, Corporate Governance and Auditing, through to Information Systems and Social Sciences. He has been studying through a chain of related disciplines. He has gained research experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods across different research areas. He got his PhD in Management Studies at Brunel University in London, UK.  His PhD. thesis is to qualitatively investigate the impact of Information Systems introduction within business organisations on developing a comprehensive internal auditing model to achieve better corporate governance process.

His Masters degree, in Managerial Accounting, quantitatively applied the theory of constraint concepts to improve the cost accounting practices and pricing decisions through focusing on the best use of bottlenecks and the rare resources. His current research interest is to use his mixed research background in business management to enhance different accounting functions within organizations locally and globally. He is interested in looking at behavioural, organisational, and managerial aspects of different accounting functions within various types of organizations.


Dr. Hany Elbardan

Associate Editor

David Luigi FUSCHI was born in 1963 in Milan, Dr.Ing. from Politecnico di Milano, Executive MBAs from SDA-Bocconi and IBM-IFDA and PhD from University of Reading, he is  Director and Chairman at Bridging Consulting Ltd, Invited Professor at the Catholic University of Cordoba in Argentina as well as also Visiting Professor at Vilnius Gedminus Technical University in Lithuania and Kokshetau State University in Kazakhstan. He is Registered Expert for over 12 international funding bodies.

He has been working since 1984 with a track record of international, national and corporate projects successful completion (for over 300 million Euro) of which 12 projects rescued and successfully completed (for over 30 million Euro), which has to be added to the acquisition of over 21 projects (for over 62 million Euro).

David has written several scientific articles, position papers, book chapters and the market analysis adopted as the starting point of the EC Special Task Force for Multimedia & Education. He is senior member of IEEE and ACM, member of PMI, IET and ISSS.



Dr David Fuschi

Associate Editor

Peter Atkinson graduated from Leeds University with a BA (Hons) in English, from Liverpool University with an MA also in English and with an MBA from London University in International Management.

At present he is a teaching assistant and PhD student at Brunel Business School where he is researching how discourse creates organisation.He has over twenty years’ experience as a lecturer in business, management and information technology subjects and also as a trainer in a number of organisations including UK Parliament and Computacenter Plc. Mr Atkinson has been a member of BAM (British Academy of Management) since 2011.




Dr. Peter Atkinson

Editorial Board

Dr. Qun Ren got her PhD in Digital Marketing at Bournemouth University. She is currently the Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Southampton Solent University. Her PhD thesis on in how technology impacts on digital companies’ pricing strategy and the role of pricing in companies’ market share competition.

Her current projects also consider and investigate service quality among different cultural groups, the impact of technology on sales, self-gift motivations and temporally based outcomes, cross-national differences in consumer behaviour and consumer responses to complex decisions.




Dr Jessie Qun Ren

Editorial Board

Dr. Ioannis holds a BSc in Business Administration from La Verne University and received an MSc degree from Brunel University in HR and ER. His doctoral thesis—also from Brunel University—is in the area of corporate governance and is focusing on board roles and the impact of the external environment.

After a few years of teaching experience in UK institutions, he is currently a lecturer in Univerisity of West London, mainly teaching strategy and international business modules. Also, he is a director in Gnosis Management Consultatns Ltd. that specialises on strategy development, executive education and corporate governance aspects. His primary research interest is on corporate governance, strategy, planning, boards of directors, decision making. If you want to find out a bit more about you may visit his profile on LinkedIn.
Dr. Ioannis Gkliatis
Lecturer in Business and Management
The Claude Littner Business School
University of West London



Ioannis Gkliatis

Editorial Board

Associate Director for Research.

Yehia Nawar is Lecturer in the Arab Academy of Management and Technology Maritime and Transport (AASTMT) , Egypt.
Research Candidate, PHD in Management studies at University of West London (UWL). MA, Brighton university,Uk MSC, EMN Normandy ,France.

Responsible for:




Yehia Nawar

Editorial Board

Dr Loukas N. Anninos is currently serving as an instructor (human resources management) and researcher at the University of Piraeus, in Greece. He is also working as Internship Coordinator for the Department of Business Administration and Full Time MBA Program at the same university.
Dr Anninos has studied Business Administration (Bachelor's Degree) and Total Quality Management (Master's Degree) at the University of Piraeus. Part of his postgraduate studies has been completed at Linkopings Universitet in Sweden. His Ph.D Thesis (University of Piraeus) addresses the issue of performance evaluation in higher education. During his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, he had been receiving scholarships from the Greek State Foundation for Scholarships (IKY) for exceptional academic performance. Loukas N. Anninos has also received a scholarship from the prestigious Onassis Foundation for his doctoral studies.

His research portfolio includes publications in peer reviewed journals, books and presentations in many national and international conferences. In 2007, he received the Best Ph.D Paper Award at the QMOD Conference held in Helsingborg, Sweden.

His research interests include excellence, quality and performance evaluation in higher education, service quality, human resources management and organizational behavior as well as neuroleadership.

Dr Anninos also has an extensive experience as a reviewer in journals and conferences while he is a member of academic organizations and groups (e.g. Onassis Scholars Association, Academy of International Business, PRME Antipoverty Working Group). In 2015, Dr Anninos received the Best Reviewer Award (2010-2014) from the Total Quality Management and Business Excellence Journal (Taylor and Francis Group). Loukas N. Anninos has also participated in a number of EU funded projects.

He also speaks five languages so far (English, German, Swedish, Italian, Greek), enjoys self-learning Japanese and practicing Japanese calligraphy while he is a passionate poet, technology lover and amateur astronomer. He is the curator of Management Plus.



Dr Loukas N. Anninos

Editorial Board

Paulo Ramos (Paulo Fonseca de Matos Graça Silva Ramos).

PhD in Management Sciences Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, MSc in Marketing and Product Management, Cranfield University, UK, BA in International Relations, University of Minho.
Assistant Professor at the University Fernando Pessoa (member of the Scientific Board) Past Management Departmental Coordinator.
Assistant Professor in University Lusíada Norte.
Guest lecturer in: Catholic University, Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto School of Biotechnology, and in the past in the Católica Business School, University of Lisbon and in the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo.
He has lectures in several international universities: International School of Management, Dortmund, Germany. Lutheran University - Brazil ULBRA, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Kufstein Universitat, Áustria.
Reviewer in EMAC International Journal of Wine Business Research, Marketing Trends conference (Paris, Venice)
Partner and board member of several companies in the areas of Agro food (Wine), Education, Real Estate and Consultancy.
External expert and adviser of the Coordinating Commission for Northern Regional Development of the Portuguese Government.
He has several research papers in journals and proceedings of national and international conferences in the fields of Wine, Tourism, Brands and Services. Keynote speaker, guest speaker, Member of the Scientific Committee, Session Chair in international conferences.
Awarded in 2012: "best short communication" in Economy and Law in OIV XXIV World Congress of Vine and Wine.



Pof Paulo Ramos

Editorial Board

Dr Claire GARCIA completed her MSc in Food Chain Management at Imperial College London in 2005. She then pursued with a PhD in Marketing obtained at Kent Business School, UK.

Her research interests are directly linked to consumer behavior broadly and more specifically look at responsible consumption, ethical consumption (including fair trade), and communication strategies.

She has published a few scientific papers, book chapters, and several case studies (both in French and in English) as well as written a book of case studies. She is a reviewer for 2 academic journals and a member of Marketing Associations.



Dr Claire GARCIA

Editorial Board

Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri has studied Business Administration (Bachelor's Degree) at the University of Piraeus. She continued with a Master (MSc) in General Management at University of Kent, UK. Her Ph.D Thesis (Athens University of Economics and Business) addresses the issue of causality in the relationship of HRM practices and organizational performance. It also examines this relationship as well as HRM practices in a longitudinal spectrum, giving particular emphasis to turbulent times (economic crisis). Part of her Ph. D has also been completed at University of Kent, UK (doctoral courses).

During her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, she has been receiving scholarships from the Greek State Foundation for Scholarships (IKY), Leventis foundation, Karelia foundation and Athens University of Economics and Business, for her exceptional academic performance, her master and doctoral studies.
Her research portfolio includes publications and presentations in many international conferences and academic magazines.

Her research interests include human resources management (HRM), Organizational Performance, HRM-organisational performance link, HRM practices, Recruitment and Selection, HRM in turbulent times, International HRM, Greek HRM, HRM practices transfer, General Management, Tourism and Hotel Industry, HRM in Hotel Industry, Relationship Marketing.

She also has an extensive experience as a reviewer in conferences, such as BAM and EURAM. Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri has also participated in a number of EU funded research projects. She had also been working as a teacher in Greece and UK on Business Administration modules.



Dr. Alexandra-Paraskevi Chytiri

Editorial Board

Javad Izadi completed his PhD at the University of Sussex. He joined the School of Business, Management and Economics at the University of Sussex in October 2010 as a tutor in Accounting and Finance. He was visiting lecturer at Aberystwyth University in 2013 and a Senior Teaching Associate in Accounting and Finance at the University of Lancaster before he joined to the University West of London in 2015. Also, he was previously a lecturer in accounting at Azad University. In 2011, he has been awarded a visiting scholarship by the University of Sydney. His current research interests span all aspects of Accounting and Finance, but focus particularly on accrual accounting, earnings management, earnings quality and stock returns.





Javad Izadi

Associate Editor

S. Asieh Tabaghdehi is Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Finance at Regents University London. She has a PhD in Economics and Finance from Brunel University London, UK.
Dr Tabaghdehi has developed a wide range of research interests including wealth and asset management, cooperate finance, financial risk management, stock market analysis, financial modelling, arbitrage and market disequilibrium, pricing analysis and regime-switching model using a market efficiency approach, market structure and competition analysis, time-series modelling, stationarity and cointegration properties with exceptional passion about collaborating academic research to a policy audience and corporate decision makers.

She has strong background in data analysis with strong quantitative skills and a willingness to work with large and complex data sets. She is also reviewer of International Journal of Business Performance Management, and Journal of Energy Policy.



Dr Seyedeh A H Tabaghdehi

Editorial Board

Behrouz Behzadan received his MA in Entrepreneurial Management with Merit from European Business School – London in 2008. He, then, joined University College London (UCL) as a visiting researcher for 12 months. Mr Behzadan is currently undertaking his doctoral research on family business succession at Brunel University in London, UK. His doctoral thesis focuses on process of intergenerational succession among Iranian manufacturing family businesses, and identifying the impact of influential factors on process of succession for such family firms.

The main academic interests of Mr Behzadan are as follow: entrepreneurship, family businesses, innovation, spin-offs, corporate venturing, and technology transfer & commercialisation. Furthermore, he has robust background on qualitative and qualitative approaches; although, his current researches are based on qualitative approach. At the present, Mr Behzadan is interested in looking at the gender and cultural differences in family businesses across the world, particularly in the Middle East and developing countries.



Behrouz Behzadan

Editorial Board

Mr. Gohar Parvaiz is a PhD qualified individual (Brunel University) who is professionally recognized for his academic excellence, and innovation with best practices and disciplined attention for achieving immediate and long-term professional goals.

He is a young dynamic savvy having a hands on experience in academic and financial sector with entrepreneurial skills. He is currently employed as a lecturer in a public sector academic institute of Pakistan (Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar). His research interests are: ‘quality of education’ and ‘entrepreneurship’.





Dr. Gohar Parvaiz

Editorial Board

Dr Alastair Evans MA PhD FCIPD has had over 40 years of involvement in teaching, research and practice in the field of human resource management. He is a former HR Director, author of more than a dozen books in the field of HRM and former course director of the PG Dip/MA in HRM at the University of West London where he remains as a visiting lecturer in HRM and supervisor of PhD students. His research interests include flexible working, human resource planning, performance management and the historical development of people management in the UK.






Dr Alastair Evans

Editorial Board

Chandra Bhasham is an experienced Lecturer in HRM and Strategy at Claud Littner Business School, University of West London. Chandra’s expertise is in the areas of Learning and Development, Human Resource Development, Organisational Behaviour and Leadership/Management skills.

He has completed his Master’s qualifications in London: MA International Business (London Metropolitan University) and MA Human Resource Management (University of West London).He has a practical non-academic background as a HR Business Partner and HR consultant in private sector organisations especially dealing with SMEs. His doctoral study and interests are in the areas of developing and evaluating HRM frameworks within SMEs.

His teaching work covers both the undergraduate and postgraduate at UWL. Chandra is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Her research focus is qualitative and action research oriented.




Chandra Bhasham

Editorial Board

Sepideh completed her BSc in applied mathematics, MSc in banking management in Iran and PhD in Management with concentration in banking from Brunel University (London). Before Perusing PhD, she was working at Bank Melli Iran, largest government bank in Iran, at International department.

Her ten years banking experience has appeared in her research interest. Her research focuses on application of parametric and non-parametric operational research techniques in banking field. Currently she is a lecturer at University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) college of Management.





Dr Sepideh Kaffash

Editorial Board

Dr. Angelos Vouldis is an Adjunct Professor at the Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland and at the European University - International Business School in Munich and Barcelona, teaching business courses, supervising and marking MBA and MA theses. He has an extensive teaching experience in the department of Business School at the University of West London and the Cyprus Institute of Marketing, the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM) - Cyprus focused on supervising research projects and teaching business courses within undergraduate and graduate programs.

Beyond his academic career he has an extensive management background, experience and accomplishment in all aspects of strategic planning, performance management, sales and marketing management with Mercedes-Benz Cyprus. Additionally, He has a solid entrepreneurial approach to business and academic initiatives and have been cited for insight and creativity in developing workable solutions to expand operations, customer accounts, and bottom-line profits.



Dr. Angelos Vouldis