Effect of Organizational Politics on Job Commitment Leading to Job Performance: Evidence from Private Banking Sector in Lahore
Mehvish Umer*, and Sohnia Salman*
Lahore School of Economics*

Abstract: This research seeks to investigate the mediating role of commitment level of employees in an organization in the association between organizational politics and job performance. A total of 400 structured questionnaires were distributed among various private bank employees out of which 306 valid responses were included in the analysis. Hypotheses were tested employing data gathered from banking sector of Lahore. The results of this study indicated that politics is negatively influencing commitment and performance. The mediation has changed the direction of relationship from positive significant to negative insignificant between politics and performance; therefore, full mediation exists in this research model. The findings recommend that in banking sector of Lahore a significant portion of employees is affected by organizational politics. Employees perceive level of commitment to have a significant impact on job performance. This relationship is moderated by Organizational politics as this association becomes stronger under a low level of politics. The paper findings suggest that managerial responsiveness of organizational politics is useful, for the effective reduction in politics through the efficient implementation of strategies.

Keywords: Organizational politics; performance; Commitment; job satisfaction; path analysis



Mehvish Umer and Sohnia Salman
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