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Why Women Enter Into Entrepreneurship? An Exploratory Study - Journal Mbacademy

Why Women Enter Into Entrepreneurship? An Exploratory Study
Prachita Patil* and Yogesh Deshpande **
Dept of Humanities and SS, VNIT Nagpur, India *

Abstract: Entrepreneurship (Schumpeter) is a research that attracts a great deal of scholarly attention in recent era. Earlier entrepreneurship was traditionally considered as men’s bastion; rather women are gradually entering into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial motivations are defined by fitting into push and pull categories. The purpose of this study is to focus on factors of motivation and necessities of women to be an entrepreneur. The study in this paper focused on specific factors such as age, organizational experience and sector. This paper aims to explore the nature of potential gender differences within entrepreneurial motivations by applying the existing theory on push and pull factors using a comparative analysis. Stratified random selection process is used for interpreting collection from start ups and established women entrepreneurs having experience above 5 years. The total sample size is 60 participants, and the participants are from Nagpur, Region of Central India. The data reveals that the Pull factor plays major role then Push factors. The collected data shows that women owing and managing business have taken it as a Passion, Career and for Self-growth. The contribution of this paper is that it provides unique approach for women to develop motivational spirit who achieved a path of ladder to become successful entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Women Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Pull and Push factor, Central India.


Prachita Patil and Yogesh Deshpande
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